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  If you have landed on our website, you must be thinking or planning on building a fence. We are a local Fence Builders in Edmonton, providing our services to both residential and commercial clients city wide. And let’s not forget about our nearby neighbors in Sherwood Park, St Albert, Fort Saskatchewan, and even Leduc!

We are not that far away, have trucks, and will travel! We would be very pleased if you considered us for your next fence building project.  

There are many different reasons to build a fence. Some of our clients want to beautifully frame in their gorgeous landscaped space or gardens. 

Others are looking for a fence that will provide security to their properties and remove the option for trespassing or unwanted visitors. 

And some people just want some privacy of their own, living next door to neighbors. 

Or maybe you need a fence to safely allow your pets outdoors and off leash.    

Whatever the reason is, we are here to help you out with the whole fence building process. 

We are Edmonton's most reputable Fence Builders. Feel free to contact us by calling the number below or simply complete the webform submission and one of our staff will get back to you to discuss. If you have design plans, you can submit them as well via email to us.

Vinyl Fence Builders

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Wooden Fence Builders

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Chain Link Fence Builders

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Aluminum Fence Builders

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Fence Installation is our specialty

We serve the following areas: Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Beaumont, Fort Saskatchewan and Spruce Grove.

Our Reputation is a Big Deal to Us!

As Fence Builders, we rely on our reputation to put us as the number one choice for residential and commercial property owners.   

How we do this is by making sure our relationships with each of our clients is based on providing outstanding service. This is how we build the reputation of our business. 

And we further maintain that relationship by looking for new ways to strengthen it.  Our team are attentive and listen to you and your concerns. 

Our mission is to deliver the fence of your choice and ensure that it is of the best quality possible. We can then be confident that you will refer us to others who are looking for Fence Builders.   
Edmonton's Fence Builders

We have a Fence being built Near You!

Our backyard is actually a pretty big space! 

We are a local Fence Builders, working in and around Edmonton.  And have probably been working in your neighborhood as well! 

We wouldn't want to forget our near by neighbors as well!  

Hire a Professional Fence Builder

As fence builders, we will need to know some of the details about the fence you are planning to construct. What kind of material are you wanting it constructed from? Once you determine the reason for building a fence, you will then discover the vast materials that are available. Are you looking for a wood fence? A chain link fence? Or maybe vinyl or aluminum fencing? We have experience in all kinds of material for fence building. Depending on the purpose of the fence, we can offer you some suggestions, if you want, as to what might be your best options to get the desired results.

Here is a bit of information regarding the different types of material, which we hope may be of use for you. Wood fencing material is still the most common type of fence. There is quite a bit of maintenance required for the wood. You will need to treat, stain, and/or paint the wood to protect it from deterioration. It can also be subject to insects. Wood ages and the environment can be brutal on it. Repairs and replacement of boards may be in the future. Remember to always use pressure treated lumber. Aside from the required maintenance, this is an affordable option for many and can still add great appeal to a property!
Vinyl fencing may have a higher initial investment, but the durability, longevity, and maintenance free characteristics of it make it an attractive option. It doesn’t rot, is easy to clean with a hose, and doesn’t allow for fungus growth. It’s flexible and sturdy. And has a lot of aesthetic street appeal. 

Aluminum fencing, just like vinyl fencing, is durable and a low-maintenance option. But it usually doesn’t work well for a privacy fence. You can get it in many different designs and colors and it does work for sloped landscapes. It is well known for it's curb appeal.
Chain Link fencing is quite durable but it does not offer the same kind of aesthetic appeal as other materials. It is purely a functional option and quite low on maintenance. And it will not of provide much level of privacy for your property. But as we mentioned, it is durable and will last.
Whatever material you do finally decide on, we suggest getting the best quality as your budget will accommodate. What you build your fence out of will greatly determine the final outcome for years to come.

What would the dimensions be? You will need to have some rough estimates of the dimensions the fence will cover. Using a tape measure, this is pretty straight forward to calculate. We will need to know this so that we can correctly quote the cost out the material and installation based on these dimensions. Obviously, you will have a budget that you want to work within. We can usually find a solution that will work with most budgets. Are you planning on purchasing the materials yourself first? Sometimes clients believe they can do this and save a bit in the long run. However, you may not have access to contractor pricing like we do. We can definitely offer you a couple of quotes, one with materials included, and one without. Then you can decide which one works best for you.

What about your neighbors? Don’t forget about them! Let them know what you are planning to do. Often, they may be willing to split the cost with you, if you can both be on the same page about materials and installation. We don’t recommend installing a fence without giving them a heads up about it. You don’t want to cultivate any negative feelings or such. And it is the polite thing to do. Make sure, as well, that you are aware of your property line. If you are not sure, have it surveyed. You do not want to construct anything on someone’s property in error and have to move it later.  

We Need Local Support

When you live in a vibrant community, such as Edmonton, you can really see how local businesses contribute to our city. 

Providing some very unique, high quality services and items are just what we need to attract visitors and provide our own residents with great options that will fit everyone's likes.   But local businesses do have a difficult time. 

They are often competing with larger brand stores or locations. This is a tough struggle for some. We would like to encourage everyone in this city to recognize that many of their neighbors may be local business owners. 

And they are part of the community you live in, sending their children to the same schools as yours, attending the same church, going to the same festivals and events that you do.   They are contributing by supporting other local businesses. 

Please ensure that you are helping them carve out their valuable spot in our communities. Support local business whenever you can.

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