Wood Fence Builders Edmonton

Wood Fence Builders Edmonton 
Sturdy Fence Construction! 

Horizontal wood fences can provide your home or business with a classic appearance that will never go out of style.

There is something to be said about wood fences. They do add character to your property and can really compliment your landscaping. 

Actually, a wood fence can blend itself into most of our environment. Whether you are installing a brand-new fence or looking for a replacement for your old fence, you can choose from several excellent options available for wood fences.  

Why a Wooden Fence?

Wood Fencing is still a very appealing option.

You can find traditional and contemporary designs that suit most tastes. With wooden panels, you can add flexibility to your style options making them popular for businesses, restaurants, and also for residential use.

Wood fences can be made from most any hardwood. You will get the best investment from pressure-treated wood. The pricing will range depending on the type of wood selected. But this is still an attractive option for many because it is normally less expensive than other fencing materials on the market today.   Another point worth mentioning is that wood fences can be customized in so many ways. This material can be cut to any size needed for the project. It can be painted or stained to any color that compliments its surroundings. Adding in a wooden gate can really compliment the overall appearance. Many people also add wooden caps to posts and even decorative railing along the top. And if you are inclined to do so, you can add flower boxes or accents to the fence to contribute to your garden or landscaping. If you want to change things in the future, you can do so quite easily with a can of paint or stain.

A wooden fence is also a great option if you are looking for privacy. The slats or boards can be placed in a way that will give your space the privacy you are seeking. 

While wood is very durable, one thing to understand is that wood requires maintenance and care. This is a natural element and will need to be protected. It is prone to cracking and splitting due to cold temperatures. It can warp from excess moisture. And untreated wood will rot after a few years. Maintaining your fence is not a huge undertaking. But it will require more maintenance than other fencing materials. 

But for repairs, you can find an easy fix by simply replacing any boards that need replacing. You may not need to replace a full section. So this could be cost savings to you down the road.

Wooden fence panels offer more options than what most homeowners or business owners can dream up for their landscaping. You can as easily have a strong solid fence while being able to cover it with different types of finish for each section. You can mix and match to suit your taste.  
Wood Fence Builders

Wood Fence Builders Edmonton

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